Team Members

Dr. Zinon Zinonos
CEO, Founder
Dr. Zinon Zinonos is a co-founder and CEO at Ubinec. His role is to create, communicate, and implement the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction
Dr. Pavlos Antoniou
Dr. Pavlos Antoniou is a co-founder at Ubinec. He is responsible for the platform selection, technical design and implementation.
Dr. Vasos Vassiliou
Dr. Vasos Vassiliou is a co-founder at Ubinec. His role is to oversee the scientific functions, including basic and applied research projects, and the development of new technologies or products.
Drs. Kees Mulder
Drs. Kees Mulder iis a co-founder and CCO at Ubinec. His role is to drive development and execution of a commercialization strategy for the company.